Artist Statement

Nature has always been my muse, though most of my works are in abstract form. My work explores texture and its relationship between organic form and geometric line and shape. Although the geometric configuration of the lines and planes require careful calculation, the plasticity of the working process allows me to often work on it intuitively.

I try to bring beauty and relevance to found used materials, such as outdated phone books and magazines, by recycling and reinventing them. I became fascinated with cutting the pages in various patterns, layering and rearranging them into new shapes and forms. As the meticulous repetitive patterns accumulated through several layers, the artwork became visually engaging and conceptually the element of transformation became important.

Adding beeswax into some of my recent work has become fascinating to me.  I use wax for layering found objects such as string, bark, fabric and paper. I appreciate how layers of wax can be sculpted, scraped and gouged. Gouging down to reveal what is below creates an opportunity for the unexpected to reveal itself. I am mesmerized by how the heat from my torch can turn the solid wax surface into a liquefied state and in just a few minutes of cooling, it can go back to its solid state.

I always attempt to approach my work with both a sense of playfulness and deliberation. Most of my work turns out totally different then when I started. I have found that my best work comes when I allow the beeswax to tell me what it wants to become. My working process can be effortless or challenging; either way, I am pulled along, fascinated by the process.